Bedford Borough Council's Local Plan 2030


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Important information about the preparation of the Bedford Borough Local Plan.

You will recall that at the end of 2015, several documents were made available for consultation and at the same time there was a second opportunity for people to put forward sites for development. 

The list of newly submitted sites includes several large-scale proposals for new settlements and as a result the timetable for the preparation of the local plan has been updated to provide sufficient time for their evaluation. This will now happen during 2016, and in early 2017 a consultation will take place to invite comments on the outcome of that work. Consultation responses will help to inform the Council’s decision about whether or not to include one or more new settlements as part of the plan’s strategy for accommodating future growth.

As the local plan needs to look forward 15 years from the date of adoption, changes to the plan’s timetable mean that the end date of the plan has moved from 2032 to 2035. The technical documents that have already been published will be updated to take account of this change and the amended documents will be available for comment in due course.

More detail about the plan’s new timetable can be found in the Local Development Scheme 2016 which can be viewed on the council’s website 



Information regarding the Local Plan 2030 can be accessed on the Bedford Borough Council Website using the following link:




Consultation on the Local Plan 2035. 


The additional call for sites submissions received in the autumn 2015 have now been published on the Borough Council’s website alongside the submissions already published from 2014.


The site information and maps (borough wide and by parish) can be viewed using the following link


To help distinguish which are new sites, the sites received during the call for sites exercise in 2015 are numbered 400 onwards.  Please note that additional information has been submitted for some of the 2014 submitted sites and these are identified on the table which confirms which parish each site is in.


Bedford Borough Council is now assessing all of the sites to enable the most appropriate sites to be selected for inclusion in the draft plan for submission, which is timetabled to be published in September.


The site submissions have been published for information only. 




Cople Parish Councils Responses to the Allocation of Sites Consultations


Click here to view Cople Parish Council's response to the second consultation paper.


Click here to view Cople Parish Council's response regarding the Allocation of Development Sites.





Previous information about the Local Plan 2032.


The Borough Council commenced work on a new Local Plan in 2013. When adopted, the new document will update strategic planning policies to bring them into line with the National Planning Policy Framework. The Council will be inviting more comments from Parish Council and residents before the plan itself is drafted. Since last year’s consultation some important studies have been completed and this is an opportunity to ask for views on how the findings have been interpreted.  This consultation will invite all to comment on the following;


(i)       A vision for the plan and supporting objectives.

(ii)      Levels of housing, employment, and retail growth along with the future of the town centre in general.

(iii)      The plan’s spatial strategy – in other words where development sites will be located.

(iv)     A development site selection methodology, explaining how the council will choose development sites from those submitted by land owners, developers and others with an interest in land.

(v)      A local green space selection methodology, explaining how the council will choose local green spaces for inclusion in the local plan.


There will also be a further opportunity for potential development sites to be submitted to the council.  Further information about consultation dates and locations of drop in sessions, where council officers will be available to answer questions, will be provided shortly and details will be kept up to date on the Local Plan 2032 page of the Council’s web site (


Click on the below link for detailed information regarding the five sites which have been put forward for Cople.


Not all the sites that have been submitted in Bedfordshire will be allocated for development. Sites will be selected for inclusion in the plan once the development strategy and level of growth have been identified.